Vincent Herbet Reportedly Banned From Tamar Braxton’s Apartment Building

If you follow us on social media, you may have seen we posted Tamar and her estranged husband Vincent Herbert on a family vacation recently, however, it looks like the couple may be back on bad terms. 

According to TMZ, Vince has been banned from Tamar’s Beverly Hills luxury apartment building. A source tells the media outlet Tamar and Vince got into a heated argument Tuesday night that got so out of hand, security at the Bev Hills condo escorted him out and told him he’s no longer allowed in the building. Apparently the building’s security acted so swiftly that the police was not needed, however, according to the media outlet if Vince returns to the apartment building cops will be called.

Since news broke, Tamar has went on record posting to her Instagram that this is fake news..


“Fake ass news! While I respect it, y’all blogs will report anything anyone says, at anytime! At some point you have to take in to account that we are real ass people with children and the fake shit you report with no evidence is completed out of order”

She then came back to later to say…

“Now, had you asked ME what happened, you would have found that while I was in the shower the security at my building let him in my house.. not on my floor, but in MY HOUSE!! and that was what the situation was!! It’s not WHO it was it was WHAT it was!! Not a fight but a “WHAT THE F*CK!! That would startle ANYONE!! I was just getting dropped off from margaritas and tacos & when u are an adult, full & drunk.. Sometimes u end up with other peoples things in your purse like a phone to go through (J/K).. I was with James Wright.. We don’t drink and drive! NO ONE got escorted off the property!! this is STUPID an NOT COOL!”

She then added this…

Tamar is so fed up she had one last thing to say and  addresss on last rumor….

Tamar is fed up honey with the Lies!! shes says.

Lets not forget , this is the same couple who claimed nothing happened when reports came out that Vince bit her finger during their stay at an Atlanta hotel not too long ago [Click here if you missed it]