Wiz Khalifa and Izabela have called it quits

Wiz Khalifa and his now ex girl friend Izabela has called it quits,if you follow them on the gram that’s sure what it seems like.

Wiz and Izzy were Velcro always making videos, every where together and now if you look at each of their IG pages they have deleted all trace of each other, as if they were never together. Wiz does has a few old pics of Izzy on his page because she was on his album cover.

Izzy and Wiz are still following each other so maybe they are taking a break, what we can tell you is they don’t seem like they are together any more. We are not for sure why the couple split but what we can tell you is we hear that Wiz cheated with one of his ex’s. Stay tuned to our social media account as this story delopes.