Woman Claims Trey Songz Alledgedly Had Her Jumped

Singer Trey Songz name is ringing out here in the blog streets today. First news broke that the officer from his 2016 Detroit incident is suing him and now a young woman claims he had two women jump her. 

Earlier today Trey Songz took to his social media to post a cryptic message stating “F*ck 12 and you, rat”

At the time there was no context to go with the post, however we have now received information that Trey’s post was a message to a young 21 year old women Kee, who goes by KDannie on instagram.

Apparently, once Kee caught wind of Treys post she took to her Instagram account to tell her side of the story.

According to Kee, she was involved with the singer for 2 months, during the time she claims she witnessed the singer alledgedly doing drugs.

Kee claims that she accused Trey of using drugs publicly, which resulted in him prompting two woman to attack her while he set back and allegedly laughed. According to Kee’s post she has since pressed charges.

See Kee’s post below:

What’s your thoughts?